Touring Australia

Touring the southeast of Australia, especially during our winter (their summer) months is a spectacular once-in-a-lifetime experience.  I took my daughter with me and we joined a group of fellow Harley enthusiasts from all over the world. Without getting into too much detail, we set out on the bikes from Melbourne, headed south and then along the Great Ocean Road for a spell, then north into the interior to Murray River area.  From there we headed easterly through wine country, mountains and eventually to Sydney.  From Sydney we drove south along the coast back towards Melbourne.  If you’d like to get a very brief feel for riding in January down under, watch this video (note we’re driving on the left hand side of the road) and then scroll down for a proper slideshow.

There’s no better way to experience Australia than on a Harley.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One Response to Touring Australia

  1. Skai Spooner says:

    Most amazing place in the world! Next time I go I will be riding a motorcycle 🙂

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