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If you’re a CEO hoping to give your stock a boost over time, you may want to start mentioning “growth” and “expansion” more often on earnings calls.

Shares of companies with chief executives who made liberal use of positive words to describe financials during earnings conference calls outperformed those at businesses with more reserved CEOs, sometimes by as much as 9% per year, S&P Global Market Intelligence found in a new study.

“Historically, firms whose executives referenced the most instances of i) revenue- ii) earnings- or iii) profitability-related topics in a directionally positive light outperformed their most extreme counterparts,” S&P’s Frank Zhao wrote in January.

S&P’s Quantamental Research team used proprietary text analytics technology to gauge the tone, complexity, frequency of mentions, and transparency of more than 2,400 companies’ earnings call transcripts from January 2008 through December 2017.