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Becoming a millionaire is totally possible. Yes, even if you aren’t making six figures a year. The bad news is, it might not happen until you hit retirement, and even then, it’ll only happen if you plan diligently throughout your working life. But don’t let that dampen your spirits.

The road to becoming a retirement millionaire might not be easy, but it is pretty straightforward. As long as you follow the seven steps listed below, you should get there, and you could end up with a lot more than $1 million.

A $1 million retirement nest egg might sound like a large sum, but with people living longer and things always getting more expensive, it might not go as far as you’d hoped. Rather than just settling for $1 million because it sounds like a good number, create a retirement plan that will help you to save enough to live comfortably for the rest of your life.

To start, subtract your preferred retirement age from your estimated life expectancy to get a rough retirement length. Then, multiply your estimated annual expenses by the number of years of your retirement, adding 3% annually for inflation. You can do this yourself in a spreadsheet, or use a retirement calculator. A calculator might be easier because it can also help you estimate how much your investments will grow over time. Use a 5% or 6% annual rate of return, even though your investments may grow more quickly than this.